World Cup 2014: Brazil Weather

World Cup 2014: Brazil Weather

Brazil has various types of climates you can largely cover under the tropical and subtropical categories. Since the location of the country is around the equator, these are all warm climates. The characteristics associated with a specific climate should be mainly determined by the location and distance of the Atlantic Ocean. But also through the Brazilian highlands, an area of 4,000,000 square kilometers and the Andes Mountain range in the west of Brazil. And also the wettest part of Brazil, the Amazon region.

The climate table below is for the city of Rio de Janeiro and can be used as an average for the whole country.

 world cup 2014: Brazil Weather

Below you can find the current weather data and forecast for the coming days of the game cities of the World Cup 2014 Schedule.

Click on “LANDSCAPE” to see the full weather forecast. Then use the Escape button (Esc) to go back to this screen.

1. Brasilia

2. Belo Horizonte

3. Rio de Janeiro

4. Natal

5. Fortaleza

6. Porto Alegre

7. Recife

8. Cuiabá

9. Salvador

10. São Paulo

11. Curitiba

12. Manaus


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